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Osprey Flyer, Volume XXI, March Edition 2024


Exciting times in Colonial Beach!  I received an email from a friend about a pair of ospreys being spotted at the Dog Park here on February 28th!  We are looking, keeping our eyes to the skies hoping for a first glimpse of that beautiful raptor!   There has been nest clean up by Dominion Energy and by dedicated residents here in Colonial Beach preparing for their return.   Any day now the skies will be full of osprey and their beautiful song.

On February 24, 2024 , we were proud to partner with the College of William and Mary and The Center for Conservation Biology to present the film documentary screening of “The Biggest Little Fish You’ve Never Seen”, focusing on the plight of Menhaden, a nutrient rich fish that Osprey in the lower Chesapeake depend on to sustain their population.  

Michael Academia, Osprey Researcher from the Center of Conservation Biology also did a Q&A after the film and answered many questions.

The event was FREE to the public and we had a great time while learning about how to help because we must be the voice of the Osprey!


The Virginia Osprey Foundation has partnered with Cruisin’ Tikis here in Colonial Beach to offer Osprey Nest Tours in Monroe Bay.  These tours must be arranged in advance with Cruisin’ Tikis.   Please go to the Events tab and scroll down for more information.   We hope to see you there!


Remember, Colonial Beach has 50 plus nesting sites including, platforms, trees, and manmade structures.  We will be keeping tabs on our nests and hope for a successful year for our osprey.  If you would like to participate in a citizen science program, Osprey Watch, administered by the Center for Conservation Biology, please drop an email and I can help you get started.  Osprey researchers analyze the data which assists them in determining the health of our population.  Colonial Beach has its own group, Colonial Beach Osprey Nest Watchers. 


I hope everyone enjoys the nest cam this year, I know we are excited to be able to view the babies up close and personal.  Stay tuned for their arrival.


Our Mission-

 The Virginia Osprey Foundation is dedicated to the protection of Osprey and their habitats.  Through science, education, advocacy and community engagement, our mission is to foster a sustainable environment where Osprey thrive.

After our festival, we will be focusing on projects and other educational opportunities! 

Osprey Festival News

Save the date!  April 13, 2024

We are about six weeks out from the festival.  We are excited to offer you excellent presentations, exhibitors, vendors, osprey nest tours, children’s activities, ambassador wildlife, and good food!  It takes a village to put on a festival of this caliber in our small town, and everyone has come together to do just that!  You can stay up to date on our website – and click on the festival tab. 

 The amazing Osprey Love sign, by Robert Wayt Smith, has been reproduced in the form of an ornament by Beacon Design, the same company that produces the White House Ornament each year. It comes beautifully boxed and you can order online now.  The Virginia Osprey Foundation | Virginia Osprey Education | Osprey Festival in Virginia.

Early Bird ticket sales and information are now available online at Tickets | Virginia Osprey Festival | The Virginia Osprey Foundation.


Again this year, we will be offering off-site bird walks on Sunday.  There will be more details to follow soon!

Lots of information and you can keep up if you visit our webpage and festival tab.

Thank you everyone for your support and interest.  Together we can make a difference for our Ospreys and our Environment!   


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