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Image by Matthias Mullie

Luis's Corner

Welcome to South America, Welcome to Venezuela 

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The beautiful Andes of Venezuela, with its snow-capped peaks and peaks that touch the clouds. Every year a large number of Ospreys arrive in Venezuela in search of suitable places to spend the boreal winter, in their passage they find the Andean mountain ranges, such as the one in Merida, which presents a geographical barrier and a challenge to cross for all migratory globetrotters, which use a network of inter-Andean valleys that function as natural corridors.

For this reason, a group of lovers of birds of prey and especially ospreys founded the Cinco Águilas Blancas station located in the city of Mérida, right in the middle of the migratory corridor, and which is dedicated to monitoring the migration of birds of prey. This station is the first one dedicated exclusively to raptor monitoring in Venezuela.

This year we have dedicated ourselves to the study of Ospreys, their migration through the Andes and the human threats they face as they pass through this region. We are very excited to welcome you to Venezuela and hope to see many Ospreys. Venezuela welcomes you and we are determined to continue contributing to the knowledge and conservation of our beloved Ospreys. 

If you like what we do, I invite you to stay tuned, we will continue to share great stories about Ospreys as they pass through Venezuela. 


Luis A. Saavedra has a degree in Alternative Pedagogy from the Universidad Simón Rodríguez de Venezuela and is a biology student at the Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela. Since he was a child he has been very interested in the study of birds and since 2019 he has been dedicated to the study and conservation of birds of prey in Venezuela. He is founder and currently coordinator of the monitoring and observation station of migratory raptors Cinco Águilas Blancas, in the Andes of Mérida. His main interest lies in the ecology, migration and conservation of birds of prey.

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