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Colonial Beach began its existence as a bathing and fishing resort in the nineteenth century. The town’s location on the Potomac River was an asset in an era, prior to the introduction of the automobile, when travel was slow and restrictive. Most visitors arrived by boat from Washington , D.C. Recreation activities included bathing at the mile-long sandy beach, fishing and boating. It was in this era, the latter part of the 19th century, that Colonial Beach became known as the “Playground on the Potomac.” Twenty-five years after it had been founded as a vacation and water resort, Colonial Beach became an incorporated town, organizing on February 25, 1892.

Residents of Colonial Beach enjoy a distinctive waterside setting unlike any other Tidewater community.  Ecotourism is an important draw for visitors to Colonial Beach as they can enjoy the numerous hiking and birding venues in the town and the surrounding area. Almost three-quarters of the town site is enveloped by large expanses of open water, with the Potomac River to the east and Monroe Bay to the southwest. This peninsula setting offers local residents picturesque views and easy access to water recreation.

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