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Ospreys in Virginia



Riverview Inn
Preferred Hotel for the Virginia Osprey Festival in Colonial Beach

One step inside the historic Riverview Inn and visitors will feel at home. The original hotel was built in the 1950s and has since been transformed into a modern getaway that still preserves its classic charm. Our retro venue is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay and adds excitement to the regular hotel experience by giving each room a unique theme. Our location is perfect for exploring and guests can enjoy the laid-back Colonial Beach events calendar and dive into the rich history of the area. No matter your purpose for traveling, Riverview Inn is the perfect Potomac-side spot to kick back and take time for yourself.

Location: 24 Hawthorne St, Colonial Beach, VA 22443
Phone: (804) 224-4200
Visit Website:

Petite Taway Inc
petite taway

Deborah Newman is the owner of Petite Taway Inc, a web design and social media marketing company specializing in working with small businesses and nonprofits.  Deborah has been working within the Colonial Beach Community for over three years and is honored to be part of the creation of this website. She fell in love with this community's commitment to preserving their Osprey population through education and conservation efforts. LEARN MORE ABOUT PETITETAWAY.

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