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Virginia Ospreys Nests


Ospreys are abundant in Colonial Beach in the spring and summer.  There are 50 plus nesting platforms, manmade structures and tree nests in its 2.6 square mile area.  As ospreys return from their wintering grounds in late February and early March, the sky is filled with their presence and their song.  They signal the beginning of spring and summer in Colonial Beach and excitement is literally in the air.  Residents share their excitement with each other as they witness these magnificent raptors bringing sticks to their nests and preparing for the purpose of their return, raising a new clutch of chicks. 

Some nest watchers in Colonial Beach document activity and record their observations on  At one of our nests, in 2021, a local photographer was able to capture the numbers off of a leg band.  It was discovered she was a 20-year-old female, banded in Calvert County, Maryland.  As we looked forward to her return this year, she did not disappoint.  Although she has not had a successful nest in the last two years, we applaud her efforts and her journey.

If you would like to participate in nest watching and recording your observations, register at: and participate in citizen science!

Colonial Beach Ospreys
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