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Osprey Flyer December 2022 Updates

Volume VI, December Edition

Our Osprey Garden


There is not much to report on our ospreys this month. I am sure they are all settled into their wintering grounds by now enjoying the nice warm weather and good fishing. Remember, the babies born this year will not return to this area until the Spring of 2024. They spend at least 18 months in their wintering grounds.

I did receive another email from Fabio Olmos, he has been in Indonesia and is only seeing eastern ospreys there. He will be back to Brazil and likely Rondonia by January and will send news about any ospreys he sees there. We are so fortunate to have this contact and truly appreciate any news and updates he is able to send. I am working on establishing other contacts that can report to us as well!

Osprey Fact - Approximately six months of an adult osprey’s year is centered around the nest.

Osprey Fact - The attraction of mates is as much to their mutual nest as it is to each other.

Festival News

April is coming quick! Only four more months until we celebrate the return of our ospreys!

We have a great line-up


  • Virginia Institute of Marine Science

  • George Washington’s Birthplace Monument

  • Westmoreland State Park

  • Caledon State park

  • Beach Art and Music Mentoring

  • Department of Wildlife Resources

  • Kate Garchinsky, Illustrator of Belle’s Journey, a children’s book about Belle, a young osprey

  • Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce

  • Colonial Beach Greenspace

  • Downtown Colonial Beach

  • Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge

  • Potomac River Keepers

  • Master Naturalists

  • NN Audubon

  • Dominion Energy

  • Ken Smith, Licensed Bird Bander

We will have food vendors and many quality craft vendors and artists!

There will be activities for children, educational and fun!

We will have the ever popular Trolley nest tours and golf cart nest tours!

There will be presentations by:

  • Bryon Watts, Director, Center for Conservation Biology

  • Mike Callahan, Chief Ornithologist, Caledon State Park

  • Greg Kearns, Park Naturalist, Patuxent State Park

  • Pam Narney, Master Naturalist

  • Melissa Gross, Northern Neck Audubon Society

We still have festival hats for sale at Colonial Buzz Espresso Bar and we have festival stickers!

As we approach the festival new merchandise will be available, stay tuned!

· Remember 50% of festival profits go into an osprey/wildlife fund. Thank you for your support!


· Tickets will be on sale after the first of the year! You will be able to buy them at various locations and online!

May you have a wonderful holiday season!

December Osprey Flyer
Download PDF • 212KB

We will see you next year!

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