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Osprey Flyer, VVolume XXII, April Edition 2024

Our Osprey Garden


Our Osprey Garden is in full swing!  We have been doing nest checks and it seems every time we are out we see additional nests that are occupied!  Three-quarters of our nests have at least one osprey or a pair.  With assistance from Dominion Energy, we have cleaned up some nests that seemed to have drainage problems and replaced two others.  We thank Dominion Energy for their commitment to our ospreys here in Colonial Beach!

Through the lens of our nest cam, we have been able to watch turf conflicts, behaviors, and a fish being brought to the nest, Michael Academia, osprey researcher from the Center for Conservation Biology, was able to identify it as a good sized Gizzard Shad.  We look forward to learning a lot about what our ospreys eat here on the Potomac River!  This information will assist our scientists in their research. 

Our local High School has begun to put the cam up on their big screen TVs in the cafeteria for students to watch at lunch time.   As we all enjoy watching the everyday coming and going of these birds, it is also an educational opportunity for students.  I would encourage you to reach out to your local school district and offer them the opportunity to do the same!  The link to our nest cam is

There is a new and improved version of Osprey Watch that can also be used with ease on your phone!   Please view the tutorials to help you get started!  We are proud to partner with Osprey Watch in this endeavor.  To register or sign in, go to

Our Mission-

 The Virginia Osprey Foundation is dedicated to the protection of Osprey and their habitats.  Through science, education, advocacy and community engagement, our mission is to foster a sustainable environment where Osprey thrive.

After our festival, we will be focusing on projects and other educational opportunities! 

Osprey Festival News

Save the date!  April 13, 2024

We are less than two weeks out from Festival Day when we will celebrate the return of our beloved ospreys from their wintering grounds.   In other words, this party is for the birds!  All kidding aside, we have a great festival lined up to be held on Town Hill in Colonial Beach against the backdrop of the beautiful Potomac River.

On Friday night, April 12, the festival weekend kicks off with the Art Walk in Colonial Beach.  Local artists will feature wildlife and bird art.  Downtown Colonial Beach will be hosting a Sip n’ Stroll featuring delicious beverages to “sip” as you stroll and enjoy the Art Walk. 

On Saturday, April 13, many of the same vendors and exhibitors will return this year and we have added some new ones as well.  Again, we have trolley and golf cart nest tours, 4 expert speakers throughout the day with our keynote speaker, Dr. Paul Spitzer scheduled for 1:00 p.m.  There will be meet and greets with our returning Turkey Vulture, Vega.  New to us this year is Nikki and her owls, Rosie, a Black Vulture, and Erin and Danielle, Falconers bringing a Northern Goshawk and a Red Tailed Hawk.  Our “Nestlings’ Corner” will return with educational yet fun activities for our young attendees.   We also have a child’s bird walk scheduled to begin at 11:00 at the Northern Neck Master Naturalists Booth.  We only have 15 slots for children.  Each child must be accompanied by an adult. 

Please sign up online to make sure your child does not miss out!    Children's Bird Walk | Virginia Ospreys (

On Sunday, April 14, we are offering guided Bird Walks at George Washington’s Birthplace, James Monroe’s Birthplace and Westmoreland state park.  You can sign up online at Sign up for Bird Walks! | Virginia Ospreys ( or on festival day at the Northern Neck Master Naturalists booth.  Colonial Beach Parks and Recreation will offer a “Soar Like an Osprey” kite flying day on the beach beginning at 2 p.m.

Early Bird ticket sales and information are now available online at Tickets | Virginia Osprey Festival | The Virginia Osprey FoundationBuy your tickets early as prices go up by $5 on festival day!

Please visit our webpage at

Thank you everyone for your support and interest.  Together we can make a difference for our Ospreys and our Environment!  

I hope to see you at the festival!!



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