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Living on Osprey Time

Adventures with Herons and Other Large Flying Objects

Osprey will defend the area around their nest. We already know Osprey will chase eagles away but what about other large flying objects?

Sitting on the deck we saw the male Osprey suddenly look straight up. Then we heard the woop woop of a very small helicopter. My husband I turned to each other and said, "No way! That Osprey is NOT going to go after the helicopter, is he?"

"He's thinking about it." Fortunately the helo moved by quickly, leaving this Osprey's territory. But for a minute there...

Other strange encounters have occurred. As usual we were watching our Osprey nest and noticed a heron fly too close to the nest.

Notice the piling for the Osprey nesting platform on the left

Like the eagles, the heron had been flying in and around Osprey territory all winter. From the heron’s viewpoint, he was just doing what he always does, fly from one end of the bay to the other.

However, this heron was too close. The male Osprey shot out from the trees to force this intruder off. The heron seemed mystified. What did I do?

Startled heron cries in surprise as Osprey heads for him

Now what? How can I get away? Where can I hide? What's close? I see it! Fly for it!!

It's big. Can I get under it?

OOF!! Now what?

Can he see me now?

Can he still see me?

I'm invisible!!

Free at last!


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