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How can I set up my own osprey platform?

We recently received a question from Pamela who is interested in setting up her own osprey platform and wanted to know how to go about it.

We've added information on the platforms Dominion Energy sets up in the "Festival Section" of this website. The presentation includes information about the pre-fab platforms they place on poles and where to get them. If there is a reliability issue with power or a foreseen danger to the power lines and/or birds, Dominion Energy may install a new pole and platform for the property owner.  Matt Overton, Dominion Energy Corporate Biologist, is the contact for discussing such a problem. His phone number is 804.339.6288. 

Anyone else with information on setting up poles and platforms for osprey nests is urged to send that information to for posting on the blog to answer Pamela's question.

We invite other viewers to contribute information on different ways they have succeeded in setting up osprey platforms and cams. We will continue to update this post with new information so check back.


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