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Why You Should Adopt an Osprey in Colonial Beach

From the Cornell Lab Osprey Site it is clear why these birds need our attention: "After the 1972 U.S. DDT ban, populations rebounded, and the Osprey became a conservation success symbol. But Ospreys are still listed as endangered or threatened in some states—especially inland, where pesticides decimated... populations. As natural nest sites have succumbed to tree removal and shoreline development, specially constructed nest platforms and other structures... have become vital to the Osprey’s recovery."

Go to the bottom of the "Our Ospreys" page to see osprey nest live cams in both Dahlgren and on the Chesapeake! If you're watching a nest for the arriving birds, would you send us a message and let us know? Tell your friends to keep watch! And keep checking back to see new announcements, photos, videos, and anything osprey-related in Colonial Beach! The "Our Ospreys" page also has a nest map from 2019. We are working hard to update the map with new nest sightings and photos from our Osperts and Watchers! Do you want to become an Ospert or a Nest Watcher? The birds still need our help. In many states the ospreys are still threatened or even on the endangered species list. Our work in Colonial Beach gives these beautiful raptors a better chance at surviving another 11 million years!


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