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Osprey Flyer, Volume XII, June Edition

Our Osprey Garden

Greetings Osprey Friends!

I am very late this month and I apologize, sometimes life gets in the way. I am pleased to report it seems many of our nests have babies and next month I will give a detailed report!

I am attaching a picture of 2 different nests with photos of those funny little chicks! How we love them and wish them the best as they grow and mature.

We wish Papa osprey strength as he struggles to feed his hungry family and keep himself nourished at the same time.

Photo Credit - Mary Wenz

We have yet another global contact in Venezuela, JC Fernandez-Ordonez! How we appreciate these contacts and will look forward to hearing from them as our ospreys migrate in the fall and arrive in their wintering grounds.

There has been some disturbing news from The Center for Conservation Biology (CCB). In Mobjack Bay, located at the end of the middle peninsula, out of the 83 nests that were surveyed by CCB, there were only 3 live chicks as the others appeared to have died from starvation. The reason for the shortage of food has not been definitively established as of yet.

Here in Colonial Beach that does not seem to be a problem as there appears to be many nests with thriving chicks. We will continue monitoring our nests in town to compare breeding success to last year. As I receive more definitive information, I will be sure to pass it on to all of you.

Osprey Festival News!

Save the date! April 13, 2024

We are beginning to plan for next year’s festival and hope to bring you even more vendors, exhibitors, live raptors and just plain old family fun! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to pass them along via email.

Reminder!! We still have hats available for a donation of $25, Virginia is for Osprey Lovers T-shirts for a donation of $10 and we have only 2 small LOVE Sign T-shirts left for a donation of $26. We have stickers available for a donation of $2.


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