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Osprey Flyer November 2022 Updates

Volume V, November Edition

Our Osprey Garden


I believe our ospreys have all gone by now. If you do see one or two you might think these have not started their migration as of yet. I reached out to Dr. Poole to get his thoughts about the ospreys we were seeing as late as mid-October in Colonial Beach. He responded by saying that it is not unheard of to have juveniles lingering and to remember it’s the changing day length that triggers their migration urge, not the temperature. He also stated that many northern migrants travel thru areas where “southern” ospreys nest, so we could be seeing juveniles from Labrador or N. Quebec, they are birds that mature later. However, they could be ours, saying that there have been a few sightings every winter of ospreys along the east coast so it is not unheard of, he doesn’t know if any of them survive but the odds are against them. Let’s hope they are ospreys just passing through.

Fabio Olmos, our South American friend reported on October 8 that he did see a few Ospreys in the Amazon, only 4 along 18 km of the Cautario and Guapore rivers. He was kind enough to send pictures and I have included them in this newsletter. The one picturing Fabio is at the joint of the two rivers with Bolivia in the background! Thank you Fabio! I hope to hear from him soon and will have a new update next month.

Festival News

We are fast approaching the six month mark until our festival! How time flies! October was a busy month for the festival with lots of events! On October 8th we participated in Monarch Mania on Cobb Island, Maryland. It was a beautiful day and a well attended event. We donated packets of milkweed seeds to attendees, sold our festival hats and stickers and promoted the festival! We were even able to tag and release some butterflies. There were quite a few attendees from Colonial Beach which was great to see.

On October 22nd we were out on Town Hill for the Colonial Beach Fall Fest, it was a gorgeous day and we debuted our new mascot! Later the festival had their own golf cart parade entry, you can see pictures on the website soon. We were delighted to participate in such a fun event.

October 29th we were out on Town Hill once more for the first ever “Town Hall on Town Hill” Event, another beautiful day and a chance to meet new friends and share the festival with them. Thank you to the volunteers that helped man the booth! We were also invited by Caledon State Park to participate in their Trunk or Treat that evening. The festival supplied approximately 300 children with candy courtesy of the festival. It was a busy and delightful day!

  • As we move closer to the festival, we are firming up plans, making new contacts and finding new support within the community.

  • We now have festival hats for sale in different colors and designs. They are on sale at Colonial Buzz and Espresso Bar and you can also contact Joanie Millward at if you would like to purchase one. They make great holiday gifts! We still have stickers for a $2 donation available as well. As we approach the festival new merchandise will be available, stay tuned!

  • Remember 50% of festival profits go into an osprey/wildlife fund. Thank you for your support!

  • SAVE THE DATE APRIL 15, 2023

We give thanks for our community and the support we receive.

May each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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