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Library Session and Walk to an Osprey Nest June 12th

The Virginia Osprey Foundation partnered with the Cooper Library and the Parks and Rec Department to share osprey fun and facts with children participating in Wacky Wednesdays at the Library last month! 

We started off with a walk to the nest on Boundary Dr., next to the pier, and we talked about the osprey family that lives there.  I was amazed at what these kids already knew!  We asked them where they learned these things and they replied, “At the osprey festival”! 

We were so pleased to hear that.  Upon our return to the library, each child told Miss Kitty one thing that they had learned on the walk and received a sticker.  Afterwards, arts and crafts and we watched the Osprey Cam on the Big Screen!  The children were amazed when they saw papa osprey bring in a big fish to mama osprey.  We then played Bird bingo and then made pinecone owls! 

Our library offers so much to our little ones and we appreciate Miss Kitty so much.  It was a privilege to be part of their program.


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