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Exciting news about one of our Colonial Beach banded Osprey chicks! 

This chick was from a nest on Lossing Dr. and it was banded on June 20, 2023 and successfully fledged.  Photographer and birder, Harry Brown, was at Three Lakes Park and Nature Center On September 19, 2023. He observed and photographed a juvenile Osprey and was able to get the band number through photographs!  Three Lakes is 50.41 miles from the nest site.  This juvenile was obviously on its migration South.  Harry was able to observe this bird successfully fishing!  This is one of the reasons banding is so important!  It gives us information that we otherwise would have no way of getting.  Thank you Ken Smith, our bander, for volunteering your time to band these chicks in Colonial Beach and thank you Harry Brown for taking the time to follow up with the Banding Lab and sharing these awesome photos with us!  It takes a village!

Photo Credit:  Harry Brown


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