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Our First Bird Banding, June 20, 2022

On June 20, 2022, Colonial Beach experienced its first bird banding. This banding event was held in Torrey Smith Park and was named “Ospreys and Pastries”. A small group of bird enthusiasts from Colonial Beach enjoyed coffee and pastries while awaiting the arrival of Todd Dalton, a member of the community and a supervisor for Dominion Energy. They were also awaiting the arrival of Ken Smith, a licensed bird bander, driving in from Glenn Dale, MD. Using the Dominion Bucket Truck, Todd brought down the two babies that were in the nest at Torrey Smith Park. Ken banded each one and Todd took them back up to their nest. Ken and Todd were also able to band two more at another nest on Irving Avenue for a total of four baby ospreys banded. CB Greenspace was on hand to accept donations for an osprey nest cam for Colonial Beach. What a fantastic day! We are looking forward to next year. Photos below courtesy of Becky Hunt, Shirley Bazdar, Lisa Landers and Joanie Millward. Click on a photo to start the show.


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