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Osprey Flyer October 2022 Updates

Volume IV, October Edition

Our Osprey Garden


Most of our ospreys in Colonial Beach have begun their migration to their wintering grounds in South America. Some were gone by early September and some have left only recently with just a handful still remaining as reported at the time of this writing. Hurricane season is upon us and our ospreys will be right in the thick of things. We wish them well on their travels!

I have found a contact in South America, Fabio Olmos, and he has graciously agreed to report on ospreys as they arrive in his region from the east coast of the United States. Today I received his first report and he advised on September 18, he explored the mangroves just south of Cananeia by boat in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He only saw one osprey so he believes ours had not yet arrived.

Next week he will be in Rondônia (SW Brazilian Amazon) and will be boating along the Guapore River (it makes a border between Brazil and Bolivia. He will let me know what he finds and I will report on that in next month’s Flyer. Osprey Lovers unite across the globe!

Festival News

  • Kate Garchinsky is the illustrator for Belle’s Journey, author, Rob Bierregaard. Kate will be joining us for the festival, and will be doing a book signing! Belle’s Journey is a child’s book about ospreys, it is beautifully illustrated and I have to say I have read it and enjoyed it myself!

  • A new participant next year will be Awesome Possums, Karen Brace, Rehabilitator, will be present with one of her ambassador opossums and will also have a vendor table with amazing items to purchase! We welcome Karen to our festival!

  • For those that attended the festival in April and enjoyed Jason Swain, the Chainsaw Sculptor, he will be back!

  • We are proud to announce The Colonial Beach Community Foundation has partnered with us as we share the same goals and mission.

  • We are now a proud partner with The International Osprey Foundation.

  • Calling all amateur photographers! Please participate in the International Osprey Foundation’s Inaugural Photo Contest! Information can be found at TIOF Photo Contest - An Osprey’s Life - 2022 (

  • We thank our sponsors!

    • Gold Sponsorship-Walmart

    • Silver Sponsorship-Petite Taway

    • Silver Sponsorship-Eric Nelson

October Events

Our festival will have a booth at the Monarch Mania Festival on Cobb Island October 8th from 10 am to 2 pm

We will be on Town Hill during the Colonial Beach Fall Fest, October 22nd from 11 am to 4 pm

We will be participating in Town Hall on Town Hill October 29th from 10 am to 1 pm

We hope to see you at these fun events and please stop by and say hello!

Your Festival Team continues to work to bring you an informative and fun Osprey Festival! Thank you for your support!

Until next month, stay safe and enjoy our beautiful Fall weather.

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