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Colonial Beach Has over 30 Osprey Nest Watchers!

Some Osprey Nest Watchers are photographers turned bird lovers, some are bird lovers turned photographers. However you picture it, Colonial Beach Osprey Nest Watchers are posting some awesome photographs of our local birds this year. Thank you so much to our Nest Watchers. Check the blog regularly for images captured by your friends and neighbors. If you have osprey images, art, video or stories, share them with me at Here, you'll find just a few of the images from this past week.

Mel Adams watches a nest near Ferry Landing Pier and captured these great early morning shots:

Mike Mohler caught his bird outside the seafood restaurant on 205. The bird, aptly named "Wilkerson", seems to be enjoying the view.

Diane Dix Massa caught her pair, Abe and Mary Todd, in the water just off Lincoln Avenue:

Renee Bennett has patiently awaited her osprey's return which happened this week:

Bobby Hooker (along with Mary Wenz) keep an eye on their lovebirds, Tony and Maria, just off the Pier at The Lighthouse. Bobby caught Tony repairing the nest while Maria gets dinner. Bobby Hooker was first to photograph an osprey on the nest on March 7, 2021:

Joanie Millward caught the "Doctors Livingstone" just last week:

Bill McKnight's Monroe Bay birds were the first photographed sightings on March 6, 2021. Here they are three weeks later:

Peggy Beatty documented ospreys hanging out on Beach Avenue:

Mary Carter's sunset image of an osprey evokes spring nights on the Potomac:

Cable Risdon caught his osprey after his osprey caught breakfast!

Elena Eskandari found an osprey-occupied nest behind the old Beachgate Motel:

Lori Fitzgerald caught two nesters near the Bell House:

Linda Farneth caught an osprey with a light snack at the 100 Block of 5th Street:

Clay Thompson has been busy photographing the osprey near High Tides and the Colonial Beach Visitor Center:

And Kim Hardesty keeps watch over her somewhat famous osprey pair, Jack and Harriett. Jack is well-known for collecting doggo plush toys which he uses to enhance their nest. In this screen capture, Jack woos Harriet with a teddy bear. We suspect he did not actually purchase the new plushee:

Be sure and check our other posts including ospert Pam Narney's daily blog posts, as well as the Dahlgren Osprey Web Cam by Kim Hardesty that features ospreys Jack and Harriet.


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